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I'm usually dropping dentists after the first 'date', my last seemed to be high while chatting with me and 'cleaning' my teeth...not that I judge...I'm all about the laughing gas! It's just that I don't want a high person probing my mouth with a sharp poker! Dr. Kuhn is not only professional, he knows his stuff and treats each patient with serious care. He's also a yo-yo enthusiast!

I was referred to this office by numerous colleagues at work (at least 6 of us go now!), and I couldn't thank them more! I had thought my initial appointment was for teeth cleaning, but it was really for Dr. Kuhn to understand the anatomy of my mouth and build my file before other procedures were done. The appointment went smoothly, felt educational, and was a great introduction to the start of my new dental office relationship! I learned a lot about my teeth/mouth/jaw and felt very relaxed in the old but newly renovated Victorian building :)

The staff is also very helpful and VERY nice. They are usually booked solid, but this office has already called me twice in 2 weeks when cancellations have popped up, in order to get me in sooner with the highly recommended Hygenist (Tina). Dr. Kuhn himself has personally called me twice to follow-up on orthodontic information.

Taking new patients and they are highly recommended.

Nina B.

Dr. Kuhn is the best San Francisco dentist I have ever met in my life. I have always had "dentist phobia" and am fraught with teeth problems. Yet after my recent visit, I actually look forward to seeing Dr. Kuhn again. He is the most professional, interesting, and caring doctor I have ever met. If you are shopping for a dentist - Tom is the one. Shop no more.

Page C.

Tom Kuhn, Dr. Yo, is the coolest dentist. Ever.

I hate pain, and the word "dentist" is synonymous with "PAIN," but I have come to realize that was a leftover prejudice from my parents' experiences, and not my own. I have been going to see Dr. Yo for at least twenty years, and it's never been painful.

Tom is able to calm my fears and make my teeth the prettiest they've ever been. I have never had dental insurance, but have never regretted the money I have spent in his chair. Okay, maybe I regret it for a second, but my experiences have all been good ones, and my teeth are pretty, and still in my gums. He's a gem in my book.

Besides that, he's an amazing, wondrous yo-yo artist! Not that that influences me about his dentistry, but I have always appreciated artistry wherever it appears, whether it be in making a seamless crown or tossing a yoyo through the air!

Thank you, Dr. Yo!

Mitzi N.

I have been going to these guys for five years now, and they have always been dedicated, professional and friendly. I really cannot recommend them highly enough. They were able to put together and execute a plan that helped me stabilize my receding gums before which I assumed was just inevitable. I always get practical and informed answers to my questions.

Justin S.

I hate going to the dentist, but Dr. Kuhn and his gentle bedside manner make the experience bearable. This week I went in for a crown, and although other dentists have said I need two more crowns, he was able to just do fillings and fix my teeth with a minimum of fuss. He truly cares about his patients and does good work! My husband's family have been happy patients of Dr. Kuhn for many years, and I'm glad I found him. The staff is also very nice and professional, and there are lots of pictures of cute cats in the very comfortable waiting room.


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